Willowbrae Childcare Academy North York

The Best Choice You Can Make for Your Child’s Future. . . and Your Family’s Budget!

Academies designed by professionals with a focus on children's needs. At Willowbrae Academy we realize the importance of providing a safe, secure environment for children. Our Academies are committed to putting each child’s well-being foremost. We offer a safe-haven for children and the peace of mind for parents knowing their children are safe. 

Willowbrae Academy®* offers programs to families for children four months to five years of age. We recognize that all children are unique individuals and offer programs within a fully inclusive learning environment that assists children in reaching their full potential and endeavors to meet their every need. 

Fully inclusive quality childcare programs are delivered by a team of trained professionals who are passionate about their role as Early Childhood Professionals and respectful of the diversity and uniqueness of the families, children and communities that they serve. Programs are appropriate to the age group and take into consideration the individual needs of the children within the group. 

The routines for the programs include individual and small group activity with a balance of active and quiet play in toddler and pre-school rooms. We encourage active learning, multiculturalism, inclusion, creativity, independence, self-confidence and respect for oneself and others by providing a basis for positive interactions between children, staff, parents, and the community.



Willowbrae Childcare Academy

240 Duncan Mil Rd. Uni 100